Common Core Standards Report Cards Second Grade -

curriculum instruction standards based report cards k 5 - common core standards report cards k 5 the loma prieta school district is proud to introduce updated standards based report cards aligned to the common core state standards ccss for grades k 5 this new report card will provide students teachers and parents guardians a more in depth understanding of the new standards at each grade level, 2nd grade common core report card correlation ela - 2nd grade common core report card correlation ela language arts reading literature identifies key ideas and details in literature i can tell who what where when why and how after reading stories rl 2 1 i can retell a story rl 2 2 i can tell how characters in a story respond to parts in a story rl 2 3, elementary report cards standards based report cards - standards based report card q a 10 2017 an introduction to the revised elementary standards based report cards new companion rubrics board of education presentation 10 18 2017 834 leonardville rd 2nd fl, english language arts standards reading literature - ccss ela literacy rl 2 10 by the end of the year read and comprehend literature including stories and poetry in the grades 2 3 text complexity band proficiently with scaffolding as needed at the high end of the range, common core report card templates customized report cards - common core detailed these detailed sample report cards are aligned with the common core state standards the report cards contain more detailed information then most want in their report cards but allow for a large selection of common core standards to pick and choose from, ccss report cards milpitas unified school district - length the report card for each grade level is more concise and was reduced to two pages standards alignment changed from the old california academic standards to the new common core state standards