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history of christianity wikipedia - the history of christianity concerns the christian religion christendom and the church with its various denominations from the 1st century to the present roman catholic and eastern orthodox christianity spread to all of europe in the middle ages since the renaissance era christianity has expanded throughout the world and become the world s largest religion, the history of jewish human sacrifice the watcher files - http www thewatcherfiles com the history of jewish human sacrifice by willie martin at the dawn of civilization the blood rite in which human blood is drunk, history of christianity new world encyclopedia - the history of christianity concerns the history of the christian religion and the church from jesus and his twelve apostles and seventy disciples to contemporary times christianity is the monotheistic religion which considers itself based on the revelation of jesus christ in many christian denominations the church is understood theologically as the institution founded by jesus for the, christianity the history of ecumenism britannica com - christianity the history of ecumenism while unity is given in christ two diametric forces appear in the history of the church one is the tendency toward sectarianism and division the other is the conviction toward catholicity and unity ecumenism represents the struggle between them some of the schisms were theological conflicts foreshadowed in the apostolic church others were internal, glossary of religious terms beginning with the letter c - glossary of religious terms starting with the letter c canon the canon of scripture in christianity refers to the set of books selected from among the books of the hebrew scriptures the dozens of gospels and many dozens of epistles to form the bible some canons contain just the 39 books of the hebrew scriptures old testament and 27 books in the christian scriptures new testament, god s atrocities in the old testament common sense atheism - great stuff the applied politics of the tribal genocidal god plus craig tells us in no uncertain terms that he is a very sick puppy and what his politics are really all about